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Bethany Lodge


According to the Long-term Care Act, Bethany Lodge ensures there is a established resident council and promotes the establishment of a family council.

Family Council

What is a Family Council?

A Family Council is an organized‚ self-led‚ self-determining‚ democratic group composed of family and friends of the residents of Long-Term Care Homes.

The main purpose of a Family Council is to improve the quality of life of Long-Term Care residents and to give families and friends a forum for sharing their experiences‚ learning and exchanging information.

A Family Council works with residents’ family members or friends and the Long-Term Care Home to identify and resolve issues that affect residents’ quality of life.

Who are the Family Council at Bethany Lodge?

Each and every family member or friend of a resident at Bethany is a member of the Family Council.

The Family council is led by Co-chairs:

  • Diane Loveys, Co-Chair
  • Suzan Lyn, Co- Chair

How do I contact the Family Council?

We need your ideas and suggestions for improving the quality of life of residents. Bethany has regular Family Council meetings where family members‚ residents and staff can get together and share information and ideas. If you want to contact the Bethany Family Council, send an e-mail to

Diane Loveys & Suzan Lyn

Resident Council

Only residents of the long term care home may be members of the Residents’ Council. Resident council is a forum to help advise residents on the Resident Bill of Rights, gives residents the ability to express their concerns as well as give suggestions to the home in order to improve their quality of life.