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Bethany Lodge

Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors:

  • John Paul  – President
  • Dr. Paul Robinson  – Vice-President
  • Paul Glenney  – Treasurer
  • Melody Wallis  – Secretary
  • Mike DaSilva
  • Jim Garvin
  • Dr. Ted Kay
  • Bruce Peat
  • Melissa Kalmbach

A volunteer Board of Directors nominated from the members of Bethany Lodge Incorporated is responsible for the governance of Bethany Lodge, Manor and Courts. The Board of Directors is accountable to the members of the corporation in accordance with the Corporations Act, and also to the founding community.

Bethany’s Board of Directors is responsible:

  • To establish the mission and direction of the organization.
  • To ensure that the mission and direction of the organization reflect the needs of residents.
  • To ensure that a strategy is established and implemented to achieve the mission.
  • To ensure the ongoing financial well-being of the organization.
  • To ensure that resources are used in line with the mission.
  • To ensure that management maintains adequate communications with all stakeholders.
  • To appoint the Executive of the organization.
  • To evaluate the success and efficiency of the organization and the executive team.
  • To ensure that the Board is continually undergoing a process of education and development.
  • To monitor the quality of care in the facilities, and ensure that the needs of the residents and families are met.

The Nominating Committee nominates Board members according to their experience and qualifications to perform related duties. The committee seeks to ensure that a wide range of occupations of Board members is maintained. Board members’ occupations include the following: business manager, physician, financial manager, teacher, technology manager and construction manager.

The Board Executive is comprised of:

  • President and Chairman
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

An annual membership meeting is held by the members of the Corporation to elect the Board of Directors, to approve the audited financial statements, and to re-appoint the Auditors. The Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis, while committees of the Board meet more frequently. Committees are comprised of members of the corporation, Board members, staff members, and interested citizens of the community.

The committees of the Board include:

  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • PR Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Courts Committee
  • Manor Committee
  • Building Committee

These committees perform extensive and valuable work. Issues that arise are then brought before the Board to be reviewed and examined in detail.