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Bethany Lodge

Types of Accommodation & Application Process Bethany Courts

The suites are attractively designed, ranging in size from 774 to 1693 square feet with one or two bedrooms and an additional storage locker.

The suites are leased to seniors on what is commonly known as a “Life Lease” agreement. The tenant(s) purchases the “Right to Occupy” a suite at a price which is the market value of the suite. The tenant also pays a monthly maintenance fee to cover the costs of operating and servicing the facility. When the tenant terminates the lease and a new tenant is found, the lessee or his/her estate is paid 90% of the then market value, less a 4% administrative fee.

These suites are very attractive, and there is now a waiting list of prospective tenants. To obtain further information about Bethany Courts, or to apply for residence, call The Courts office at 905-940-1927.