Administration and Leadership Team




Basil C. Tambakis

Email  Ext. 224

Dietary Services

Alda Faderagao
Email  Ext. 228

Life Enrichment

Ameika Gaynor

Email Ext. 232

Manor Sales Consultant

Sarah Stewart

 Ext. 211

Volunteer Coordinator & Community Services

Ameika Gaynor

Email  Ext. 232

Pastoral Care

Paul Markle

Email Ext.237







Finance Department

Johnny Ardizzi 

Email Ext.223


Rowena Janer

Email Ext.241

Employee Engagement Specialist

Stella Joy

Email Ext. 240

Environmental Services Manager

Alec Mahon

Email Ext. 242




Director of Care

Heather Kelly

Email  Ext. 225

Assistant DOC

Marlene Draggon

Email  Ext. 231

Nursing Administrative Assistant

Sarah Su

Email Ext.227

Clinical Practice Lead

Trish West

Email Ext.222

Manager of Clinical Information & Quality

Eunyoung Kim

Email Ext.261